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FEBRUARY 2013, America Invents Act Converts the US to a First to File Patent System.

JULY 2011, Federal Circuit Tightens Standards for Inequitable Conduct Based on Nondisclosure of Prior Art.
Commentary on Therasense, Inc. v. Becton, Dickinson and Co. (Fed Cir 2011).

JULY 2010, US Supreme Court Broadens Inquiry for Determining Patent-Eligible Processes.
Commentary on Bilski v. Kappos (2010).

NOVEMBER 2009, New USPTO Production System for Examiners and Changes to Treatment of Requests for Continued Examination.

MAY 2009, Assessing Infringement Liability for Software/Product Components.
Commentary on Ricoh Co. v. Quanta Computer Inc. (Fed Cir 2008).

NOVEMBER 2008, Federal Circuit Clarifies "Machine-or-Transformation" Test as the Proper Inquiry for Determining Patent-Eligibility of a Process.
Commentary on In re Bilski (Fed Cir 2008).

JULY 2008, Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Holds Doctrine of Patent Exhaustion Applies to Method Patents.
Commentary regarding Quanta Computer, Inc. v. LG Electronics, Inc. (2008).

MAY 2008, The Uncertainties of Standard Setting Organizations: Federal Trade Commission's Decisions on Rambus Overturned.
Commentary regarding Rambus, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission, No. 07-1086 (DC Circuit April 22, 2008).

APRIL 2008, New U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Rules Declared Void.
Commentary regarding the decision of April 1, 2008, from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

JUNE 2007, US Supreme Court Limits Software as a Component Under 35 U.S.C. § 271(f).
Commentary regarding Microsoft v. AT&T Corp (2007).

MAY 2007, US Supreme Court Rules on Obviousness .
Commentary regarding KSR International Company v. Teleflex Inc. (2007).

APRIL 2007, Recent Federal Circuit Case Creates New Risks for Patent License Negotiations .
Commentary regarding SanDisk Corp. v. STMicroelectronics, Inc., No. 05-1300(March 26, 2007).

FEBRUARY 2007, Patent Licensee in Good Standing Seeks Declaratory Judgment .
Commentary regarding MedImmune, Inc., v. Genentech, Inc. (2007).

NOVEMBER 2006, Joining a Standard Setting Organization .
Commentary regarding In the Matter of Rambus, FTC, Docket No. 9302(August 2, 2006).

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