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Muirhead and Saturnelli, LLC is an intellectual property law firm that handles patent procurement and provides strategic intellectual property counsel. Our clients include industry leaders and innovators such as major corporations and universities, and a significant number of small and medium size high-tech companies. We handle patent matters in many different areas including software, computer systems, electronics, electromechanical devices, and materials science. Our practitioners have obtained patents in a broad range of technologies such as storage devices, operating systems, computer software, security systems, wireless data transfer systems, semiconductor devices, liquid crystal displays, optics, mechanical and electromagnetic devices, and business methods, among others. We also advise clients on strategies for management of intellectual property assets and prepare patent validity and non-infringement opinions.

Our practitioners have large general practice law firm experience, corporate in-house legal experience, and have worked as software engineers developing technology for commercial use. We have provided support for patent litigation and have worked on intellectual property components of significant corporate transactions. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide legal services second to none while recognizing that, for intellectual property rights to be effective assets, procurement and management of those rights must be done in a way that justifies and balances the costs involved.

Muirhead and Saturnelli, LLC has been recognized as a "2013 Go-To Law Firm® for the Top 500 Companies" for its exceptional work in the patent prosecution practice area based on data from the Fortune 500® companies gathered by American Lawyer Media (ALM).

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